How to Contact Content Creators

How to Contact Content Creators

You’re ready to use influencer marketing and you’ve planned your campaign. You’ve also identified content creators who match your brand’s values and have analyzed their performance data. Now it’s time to get in touch with them.

However, it can be a bit difficult when you need to connect with content creators. It’s not always clear what to do to start conversations, or how to get them to respond. Therefore, we’ve listed some helpful suggestions to help guide you to the correct direction.

Select the channel for contact

Decide on how you want to reach out to influencers. If you know their email addresses then you can mail them. If you don’t, don’t worry. You can contact them directly via social media. TikTok creators, Twitch streamers, and many other kinds of creators are able to receive messages directly on these networks.

If you don’t wish to engage in a lengthy conversation through DMs or email, you can simply send an introductory DM and inform the creator that you’re interested in working with them. It is then possible to request their email address or information to contact them via another method.

Get in touch with more authors than you’ll ever require

Response rates for content creators to brands looking to collaborate are typically around 40%. This is pretty low, so we advise reaching out to at least twice as many creators as you’ll actually require to run your campaign. So, if you’re running a small campaign with two creators, you need to contact approximately 8.

Certain factors can impact responses. For instance, if the creator has a manager, you’ll usually see higher response rates. However, the reply is usually to simply send the creator’s charges.

Automate outreach for large-scale campaigns

Automated outreach tools are much more efficient, particularly when communicating with several influencers. While there are a variety of tools that can help with outreach, we strongly recommend Another Email Merge (YAMM).

This Google add-on lets you connect with several influencers simultaneously. It also lets you make email templates and monitor the development of your marketing campaign. It is also available for no cost to send up to 50 emails daily.

What should you include in your first email message?

It should be simple and attractive to draw influencers like we’ve previously mentioned. The message structure you choose to use is vital in making it easy to read. These are the elements you must include:

  • Introduction that provides information about the brand or products.
  • The goal of the campaign and the ways in which this influencer can benefit.
  • Any incentive you give whether it is monetary or otherwise.
  • The kind and amount of material you’d like them to publish.
  • The time frame for the campaign and when you’d like them to release by

Writing tips for contacting creators

It doesn’t matter how many influencers you’re reaching out to, or how many you are contacting, it doesn’t matter whether you are using an automated or manual approach. The most important thing is that your message is noticed. It is crucial to ensure it’s:

  • Attractive and aspired to be admired by influencers.
  • Short and succinct – To catch their focus.
  • Personalized – No one wants templates that are generic.
  • Clear – Use topics and titles to highlight key aspects.


You’ll be on the route to send out outreach emails and achieve success when you make it this far. This is a simple process thanks to influencer marketing platforms and tools like Google’s YAMM. Follow these steps to ensure that your message is clear and a higher response rate.


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