Distractions That Can Keep You From Studying Effectively

Distractions That Can Keep You From Studying Effectively

Whether you’re in college or high school, we can all agree that there are many distractions that can hinder our educational progress. These distractions can lead us to fail our exams, lower our grades, and miss important details in project instructions. It’s important to not let these distractions get the best of us and learn how to cope with them to fully focus on our academics.

Here are some distractions that can keep you from studying effectively.

Pending Home Improvement Projects

Sometimes, it may be hard to focus on our professional education when our homes are not in top shape as we want them to be. You may notice more often that your home may need some fixes or renovations. Then, you’ll start to look for fixes, continue on to search for design ideas on Pinterest, and before you know it, you are calling a window replacement Grand Rapids MI to come and fix your drafty windows. If your need to improve your home becomes a distraction, then it’s time to take care of that.

If you notice your windows are cracked or there’s a draft of cold air coming through your windows, it’s time to take some time off your studies and contact All Weather Seal to schedule a window replacement appointment. They offer replacements for awning, bay, bow, casement, double, and energy-efficient windows. Additionally, they offer replacements for garden, hopper, picture, and slider windows. Ask about their discounts on qualifying window purchases for a chance to save up to $1,000.

Video Games

Video games can become a very big distraction for many people as they are insanely entertaining and can get in the way of their education. It’s important to not let video games become an addiction and instead use them for what they are—entertainment. Video games can also help relieve your stress, but if used constantly, they themselves can become stressful. Video games can get in the way of your career preparation, your self-study CPE courses, and even your social development.

Social Media

Speaking of social development, social media can be a great way to build connections with other people within your community as well as around the globe. However, the way in which social media is designed can make you addicted by wanting more likes, comments, views, and other things that can get in the way of your studies and subsequently your life. It’s important to put a healthy boundary between yourself and social media platforms so you can prevent being distracted by these little tokens that can easily become addictive.


Moreover, your smartphone holds a lot of potential to distract you when studying. For instance, you may receive a call, text message, email, social media notification, gaming alert, and another thing that can steal your attention in a split second. While you’re studying, try to keep your phone out of your sight so that you’re not tempted to pick it up every five minutes to check your accounts. You can implement mandatory breaks within your studying schedule so you can dedicate a couple of minutes to your phone to refresh your mind and then continue working on your education.


Another thing that can distract us from our studies is food. Our studies can make us anxious or stressed, and we may resort to snacking more often. Constantly getting up from your desk and going to the fridge or pantry to get a snack can ruin your focus and divert your attention to other things. For example, you can pick up your phone on your way to the kitchen and forget that you were studying and lose track of time. This is why it’s important to keep some snacks in reach on your desk and eat your meals at a fixed schedule so your appetite doesn’t fluctuate.

Try to tackle these distractions to make the most out of your study sessions.



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