How to Convert Emails from Maildir to Outlook PST?


Summary – Do you want to learn how to convert Maildir to PST so you can import emails into Outlook PST? Are you having difficulty exporting all Maildir directories and sub-directories into MS Outlook? If yes, you came in to the right place. This blog will solve your all queries.

There is a lot of good email clients available on the market. Many users prefer to use several emails client. Maildir and Maildir++ are two file formats, however, there are times when users wish to migrate their data from the Maildir file to the Outlook PST format. Let’s take a look to convert Maildir to PST format.

Know More about Maildir and Maildir ++ File

Maildir is the simple file format that stores emails sent over the internet in a database on the server. Every single emails message is saved as a separate file name, and every folder shows a directory in the file system. In the Maildir directory, there are three subdirectories: cur, tmp, and new.

Maildir++ supports subfolders and mail quotes. It’s a file extension of Maildir. It is discovered that all of the subdirectories are named with a dot (.) .thefilename.

Important Notes: This blog will only assist you to converting Maildir emails to PST format; however, if you need to import contacts and calendars, you should consult another blog. So check out my other blog on how to import Maildir to Outlook PST.
Outlook PST.

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email client that is used by a large number of businesses, professionals, and home users around the world. PST file is used to store messages, calendars, contacts, events, and Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, and Windows Messaging which are supported by Microsoft. To import PST into Thunderbird, users must first convert their Maildir files to PST and then PST into Thunderbird.

Why we convert Maildir emails to PST format?

Because of Some reasons, users want to convert Maildir emails to PST format. Reasons are given below:

1. The main reason is that we need to connect to the mail server to read our email directories.
2. Without connecting the server, you cannot read, delete, or update Maildir emails.
3. You cannot view Maildir emails if your computer did not connect to the server.

Manual method to convert Maildir to PST

Accessing Maildir files from the server and creating a backup in the local hard drive of a desktop pc are two tasks that a user must complete. Save Maildir files on your local machine by following the steps outlined below:

1. Firstly, connect to any website server via a secure connection.
2. Secondly, you can select the files that you want to convert by cicking on Mailbox items and browsing through them.
3. After that, all Maildir folders of the file (Sent, cur, draft, trash, primary, new, and so on).
4. Now, make a copy of the Maildir file, including all subfolders, on your local hard drive.

Convert Maildir to PST

Import Maildir Files to Outlook PST is as simple as the steps below:

1. Firstly, Login Microsoft Outlook account, press the “File” button.
2. Select “Open & Export” from the drop-down menu, and then press the Import/Export option.
3. Choose Import from another program or file from the drop-down menu. press the Next Tab.
4. Now, from the local drive, select the converted PST file and hit on the Next tab.
5. After complete the all process, hit on the Finish button.

With this process, you can move emails from Maildir to Outlook PST. Manually way is good is you import few emails but you wish to export contacts, calendar and tasks read full blog.

Drawbacks of manual methods

There is currently no direct way to convert emails from Maildir to PST format.

1. Manual way takes a huge amount of time and effort.
2. It is not completely secure.
3. May be, you will lose your data during this process.
4. Also, you must be technical knowledge.

Final words

In conclusion, I have discussed how to manually migrate emails from Maildir to Outlook PST. But it is not easy to implement Maildir messages in PST format in this way. You must have a lot of technical knowledge. So in that case best option to go with any solution which helping to convert in single click.


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