How to Make Project Closeout Smoother


If you have ever worked in construction, you would know that when it comes to closing out the project that is when most of the issues arise. That is why it is during the closeout process that we see the most delays in the entire project. Project closeout involves Complete project being transferred do the client. When you’re closing out you have to oversee the entire project, check specifications, collect all . the relevant documents and make sure close out any existing contracts whether it’s with subcontractors or equipment dealers.

Things to Tackle before Close Out

The project closeout procedure is very complicated which is why it’s common to face a set back during this process.

In order to complete a construction project, you need a huge team of Subcontractors. That can tackle the needs of the job just finding heavy machinery for sale isn’t enough. There is a bunch of documents, and a number of specifications and codes that need to be met.

In order to deem a project ready for a close out you have to collect proof. O the fact that the project meets all the expectations set for it. Collecting proof of that can take a long time, sometimes even years.

In both residential and commercial projects delays changes are inevitable. But before you start the process of closing out the project there are a few things you can do. To smoothly transition the ownership of the site and management. It’s always better to be prepared, the more prepared you are the less chances there are of any issues arising on site doing close out.

Make a List

When you start closing out a project, you should do so. by creating a list of all the things you would need. With a checklist set up for the project you will have an easier time. In managing all the tasks going on at the site.

Collect necessary documents

Make a list of all the documents necessary for the closure of the project. Include everything in it from the design approvals and certificates to the pay submittals for contractors.

Review any modifications

If there are any changes in the order or any modifications that have been requested by the party. Write down any modifications that you made, this way we’ll be able to keep track of them.

Make Sure the Specifications of the Order are Met

It’s important to ensure that only order specifications are met before you turn it over to the new owner. Make sure to conduct walkthroughs of the entire site. And see that everything that was specified by the client has been fulfilled.

It’s important that you make sure that everything is according to what the client asked. Do this, before you turn it over to the client. A lot of times people miss on something important which causes delays since the client is the one reminding them of everything that they have skipped.

If you want to avoid delays and finish the project in the given time. You have to be careful when project closeout time comes around.

Presenting the Project to the Client

When you have taken care of everything else and the time for project closeout is nearing. It’s time to start preparing to present the final result to the client. Make sure to accumulate everything regarding the project don’t worry about anything insignificant, just focus on delivering the project to the client. If you have gone over budget during the construction, try and explain to the client about the turnover.

Make sure that you have a record of everything that cost more than was expected. and that you have Included all the additional cost due to the changes made later on.

Make Note of the Client’s Feedback

It’s important that you address all the concerns of the client, try and make sure that the client is satisfied with all the aspects of the project. It’s also important that you make note of any feedback that the client gave you. it could be useful for you in the future. see that you have all the documents with you so that you can answer any questions that the client may have. If there are any final requests that the client makes see that you are able to fulfill them in a timely manner.

Cut ties with all other contractors

Once the client has given you the go ahead to closeout the project it’s time to end any subcontracts or contracts with third parties.

If there is any work left make sure to complete it quickly with the subcontractors so that the payment procedure can finally begin. This way you will not only be able to focus on any new upcoming projects. But will also show your previous clients that your efficient and ready to take on a new job.


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