Technological advances in roofing: what you need to know


Technological advances have benefited every working sector in the world, including the roofing industry. For the most part, these technological advances have been for the better. Some of the key roofing technologies have been listed below, to help you understand exactly what you should get yourself clued up on.


Drones have become much more accessible in recent years, and while they are a fun bit of kit that can be used to take an aerial shot, they can also be used for further construction projects. Unfortunately, one in five deaths in the construction industry come as a result of roof work, but introducing drones to live sites can negate the risk of dangerous falls. You can also fly a drone over to inspect dimensions of a property, highlight areas of damage and take high quality pictures. These can then be passed on to design teams, who can create a safe and efficient plan.

Roofing Estimation Software

One of the most common inaccuracies in a roofing job is an estimation of the cost of the job. These inaccurate estimates are the primary reason for cost overruns in the industry, but now we have a myriad of technology available to assist with estimates. Your customers will get a fair and accurate quote based on the technology’s estimation, but as it is a computer making complex calculations, it very rarely makes an error, leaving you with more time to get on with your projects.

Computer-Aided Roofing Design 

There is so much software available to aid in modern roofing techniques, but the most advantageous is certainly computer-aided design software. These tools allow roofers to create, edit and share digital roof models without even stepping on a roof. This allows project timelines to be much more streamlined, as well as providing better value for the client and increasing roof safety, which is extremely beneficial for roofing companies in the North East.

Flat Roofs

While flat roofs aren’t new on the market, new technology is modifying bitumen membranes in roofing materials, creating a built-in hybrid roofing solution. This solution is being used on residential properties, as they offer extreme flexibility, excellent value and lightness for easy installation. Ultimately, this means that flat roofs are becoming easier to install, repair and maintain.

Marketing Software

While marketing software is not specific to the roofing industry, it is being adopted by more companies and ultimately stands to revolutionise the industry. 91% of companies with 10 or more employees are taking advantage of marketing or customer relationship management software (CRM). Roofers who don’t take advantage of these advancements will be left behind in a crowded, competitive market. Finally, making use of CRM means you can reach new customers who might not have heard of you before. You can also see analytics about your customer base, meaning you will know exactly how to appeal to your consumers.

As you can see, it’s absolutely imperative that you take advantage of new technologies in the roofing industry, in order to further your business and provide your customers with the best service available.



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