The Story Ads On IGTV: Best Practices That Marketers Need To Know


AdsInstagram is an incredible social media marketing channel for businesses and brands. Over these years, it has gained millions of users, and it is upgrading its features every day to attract an audience. Among all its features, the Instagram story ads are groundbreaking! It provides a massive opportunity to engage and create a good impression with the audience. So if you want to boost organic reach, it’s best to buy instagram impressions to get ahead of the competition. 

Let’s briefly discuss how to run Instagram story ads and elevate your presence among viewers. Let’s begin!

What Are Instagram Story Ads?

Instagram story ads are vertical ads about your products or services that can run on the Instagram story feature. Many marketers may think posting stories on Instagram alone will help organic reach, but it is not that way! Instead, if you want to reach a broader audience base, creating and running Instagram story ads is better. 

Why Should Marketers Use Instagram Story Ads?

There are a lot of organic Instagram stories available on Instagram. But adss are significantly less. As it is a recent feature, ads are in high demand among creators. Undoubtedly, Story Adss drive more traffic to your accounts. Instagram stories usually take over the entire screen. Moreover, adding advertisements to your stories will provide an immersive experience for the viewers. If you do a proper ad that blends perfectly with your stories, you will rock the Instagram world. Furthermore, to stay at the top, more businesses started to utilize EarnViews to skyrocket their brand reach.

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Elements Of Instagram Story Ads

The aspect ratio of story ads is 9 16 vertical videos covering the entire screen. Feed ad has two elements: Visual and text. The visual must be colorful and appealing, whereas the text should be visible with bold fonts. As viewers cannot zoom in and see your content in ads, it is better to keep the text short and crisp. The length of the ads is around 8- 15 seconds. The resolution is around 720p and recommends MP4 format for ads. Similarly, the ad videos should not exceed 650 MB. The story ads typically play with unmuted audio in default. It is an added advantage for marketers. 

Instagram Story Ads Format

In general, there are four-story ad formats as follows,

  • Single image: A story ad with a static image that runs for five seconds.
  • Single videos: A story ad that runs for 15 seconds between your 60 seconds Instagram story.
  • Carousel: The carousel is a combination post of videos and images in a single ad that lasts up to 15 seconds.
  • Canvas: Canvas ads are full-screen format ads for mobile devices. 

Best Practices For Instagram Story Ads

As per statistics, the story ads in the video format have high conversion rates. It is better to create engaging video ads than images. The Instagram algorithm will also recognize your adss quickly when presented in a 15 seconds video. Let us see some of the exciting ideas to create Instagram story ads, 

Highlight Your Product And Services

Story adss are the best option to showcase your product or services. Utilize the feature wholly and effectively. The creators should grab viewers’ attention within the first 3 seconds of the ads. Your ad template and theme should turn the audience into buyers. Creators can include offers in their ads and make them shoppable by adding CTA in the content.

Ads On Special Event

If your brand is organizing events, conferences, or special events, then mention it in your IGTV story adss making the audience attend the programs. Many viewers find it interesting and informative if you advertise your events. Do not forget to include all the essential details of events like date, time, and location. In addition, you can mention the name of the speaker. Include the titles of the conferences and the scope of the events without fail. 

Notify Your New Blog

Marketers can use Instagram ads as a creative way to notify the details of their new blogs. If you need more likes and views for your blogs, attach your blog link to the story adss. You can also get sponsors for your story ads that drive traffic to your website. You can use catchy phrases and headlines in ads to highlight your blog. Make sure viewers will read your blog! 

New Product Launch

You can use Instagram ads to throw some information about your new product. You can deliver specific details on the benefits of your new products, or you can arrange images with a catchy phrase. Most brands use words like ‘New fashion arrival’ or ‘New product launch,’ ‘Grab the launch offer’ etc., 


People today are more engaged with Instagram than before. If you plan to leverage business through Instagram, then utilize the story adss to the fullest potential to reach the customers. You can opt for some advertising tools to deliver the best adss to the audience. Try to create a meaningful story ad that engages your potential customers. Marketers should try on the story adss feature and hop on the trends!



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