Best Fielders In T20 World Cup


The power to the field has become incredibly valuable in today’s T20 cricket. Cricket players and teams from all corners of the world know the value of fielders in a game. A fielder is the one whose remarkable abilities on the borders may entirely change the result of any game. A “catcher who captures the entire game” is known as a fielder. The crowd is focused on their fielders, who continue to control the game even if the bowler bowls a foul ball. To catch the ball, a fielder has to have average hand-eye coordination. Additionally, if a fielder can make it to first base in time, he can try to score. The live cricket score ICC t20 world cup has clearly predicted the significance of fielders who contributed significantly to the scores.

Fielding is a game ability that is sometimes overlooked, and teammates who play a significant role in fielding are frequently not strong at batting. According to statistics, they rarely receive rewards. Generally speaking, batting and bowling are the two most essential factors in cricket, although, in recent years, fielding has gained tremendous importance. Their stats are thoroughly examined independently based on how they played the field. 

You would have heard about many fielders and their extraordinary performances, so today, let’s have a look at the finest ones in the T20 world cup up till now:-

  • Glenn Maxwell-

How can we list cricket players’ expertise in a particular aspect and not mention an Australian? It’s been a trend there now to watch and play cricket. Glenn is no less than a thunderbolt for the team and always serves a significant hand in Australian success. He has come across 300+ matches in his career, picking up 161 catches, of which some are highly shocking.

Glenn Maxwell’s flashy personality raises this talent for the Australians even higher. Whether he is batting, fielding or bowling, he emerges out to be a perfect gem for the Australian team. 


  • Ravindra Jadeja-

Indian team possess several players who can meticulously guard the fences. Ravindra is an all-rounder who can just toss up towards the ball like a spring. He has such brilliant skills in him. He was solely selected for the world cup team by Captain Kohli for his sharp skills in fielding, which cannot be neglected.

 In addition to all of this, the cricketer has a natural aptitude to effectively take a shot at the stumps from any portion of the field and a preference for holding full-stretch diving catches. In the total of 262 matches, he has captured over 100 balls in magical hands.


  • Martin Guptill-

A team that has always been in the top rankings of cricket fielders is New Zealand. You can see their determination and desire to win by their persistence.

Also, a New Zealand player, Brendon McCullum, was an epitome of fielding marvellously and inspired every other upcoming cricketer to fetch the same skill. For them missing a catch is unacceptable, and it’s like a run saved brings a run more.

At the time of the election for the names of T20 world cup players, he did not compete since no one could beat the team. Guptill has an uncanny ability to undertake some fantastic events, whether it is catching exceptionally well in a big tournament or routinely taking the jugging catches at the little local grounds. He is the one who can return a losing game to a winning one with his unique skills.


  • Faf Du Plessis:-

Faf, whose real name is Francois du Plessis, is a superb South African cricket player who has participated in 84 IPL games and amassed 54 catches in total. Without him, these rankings wouldn’t be complete. Before he began regularly playing for South Africa, Faf had established a reputation for dependability in the CSK dugout. Even though he hadn’t yet played in many games, his impact as a fielder in the IPL cannot be overlooked. In 2012, Faf made his IPL debut for the Chennai Super Kings (Csk), and his playing days are always over in 2022. In the IPL in the year 2020, David Warner was the target of his most recent incredible catch. Additionally, he has established himself as a successful batsman after making a stunning half-century on his ODI debut.


  • Kieron Pollard:-

Trinidadian Pollard is renowned for making incredible catches throughout games. He has always played for the Mumbai Indians and has shown to be dependable for them. In the year 2010, he had his IPL debut against Delhi Capitals, earning the nickname “Polly.” He is a skilled fielder with the potential to play any position and provides an excellent use of his long reach. This Caribbean man can catch the ball out of thin air and is unbeatable; nothing is more vital than him. With 90 catches throughout the course of his IPL career, he is now ranked among the finest fielders in the world. Additionally, he has been able to stop balls on the boundaries because of his significant height advantages.

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  • David Miller-

He is a South African legend who surpasses everyone in the team with his fielding skills. Miller has undoubtedly regularly shown throughout the years that he is one of the safest outfielders in the game to make any sort of catches. He is an unbeaten competition who has always been trusted as a game-turner. Regarding serious gameplay, his fabulous anticipation has helped him create sky-banging catches.

For South Africa, it is said that all the players have slight expertise in the fielding aspect, and everyone is afraid of them. 

These were the athletes who made their magic on the field by performing and thinking creatively. Up until now, it has been observed that “the better the fielders are at capturing, the better the game gets.” This is because fielding errors may provide big runs for the opposition and significantly impact the game’s outcome. The people patrolling the fences frequently appear to be on their toes since the ball is continuously being smacked or targeted. Additionally, having exceptional foresight of when balls will approach the borders is necessary. Many fielders begin moving as soon as the ball contacts the bat, allowing them to gauge its path.

 Being the most successful fielders in the history of tournaments, they made their name. Even though fielding wasn’t the big show in the world of cricket, nevertheless, they never lost their patience and kept enhancing their skills. Nowadays, they are highly praised and honestly have become an inspiration for all.


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