Tennessee Football— The Volquest Podcast 4-12-2022


If you’re a fan of Vols volleyball, you can keep up with the team by listening to a podcast. Volquest has a podcast every week that talks about the team’s history, present, and future. You can also listen to Morbid, a true crime and spooky history podcast, which is produced by the Morbid Network. The podcast hosts Ash, Chris Demarais, and Gustavo Sorola discuss the dark past of the Vols and their past with the listeners.

Volquest family

The news of Ty Simpson’s departure from Volquest is disappointing for the entire team. The talented sophomore from Tennessee was drafted third overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. He could have been the crown jewel of new Vols coach Josh Heupel’s recruiting class. In fact, his departure is likely to hurt Tennessee more than Pruitt’s firing. But the Volquest family is not giving up hope.

The athleticism of Ty Simpson is one of the biggest strengths he brings to the table. His height, weight and arm strength are impressive for his position. However, he will need to add a little more muscle to improve his balance. He is a dual-threat quarterback who demonstrates excellent lateral quickness. Despite this, he is also capable of making a 20-yard throw on the run. Moreover, he has good footwork and mechanics to get the ball across the line of scrimmage. As a runner, he shows more versatility, so he is able to run a variety of routes with ease.

Volquest podcast

A new podcast from the University of Tennessee is available to fans of the Vols’ volleyball program, the “Volquest Podcast.” The podcast features interviews with past and present players, as well as history of the Vols. Produced by the Morbid Network, the Volquest Podcast is a great listen for Vols fans. Guests on this podcast include Chris Demarais and Gustavo Sorola. You can subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast app or listen to it directly on their website.

Volquest’s recruiting team talks about the benefits of the program, including its reputation with top college players. The Volquest Podcast features interviews with Vols players and coaches, including Jonathan Cannon, Scott Rank, and Caleb Herring. This week’s episode features the Vols’ series win over the Georgia Bulldogs. This week, Cannon is leading the SEC with 16 wins and a 2.91 ERA in 28 starts.

Jay Hardy

The Tennessee Volunteers have been linked to a plethora of prospects, including former Auburn football DT Jay Hardy. The Vols were the original target for the former 4-star, but the Tennessee Volunteers are in a good spot to swoop in for Hardy. Given their proximity to Hardy, they would have to consider a union. Hardy is a strong candidate to join the Volunteers, but his recruitment has been blighted by controversy.

Currently, Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt has a close relationship with Hardy, who has more than 30 offers. The 6-foot-4, 295-pound lineman has built a rapport with Volquest defensive line coach Tracy Rocker and head coach Jeremy Pruitt. Prior to the Volquest camp, Hardy was considering Georgia, Ohio State, and Tennessee, and was in the process of narrowing his list to just five schools. He plans to visit Tennessee and Georgia this fall.

Jadyn Davis

Volquest has no CFP success story to tout, but Jadyn Davis does have the requisite skills. The sophomore has already received 23 scholarship offers and has trained tirelessly with coaches across the country. She was named the SI All-American Underclassman MVP in her sophomore season, and she won the overall MVP title at a loaded regional tournament. But Davis’ recruiting pitch is different than that of other programs.

Final Words:

This podcast explores the history of the Vols volleyball team. The Vols volleyball program is well-known for its strong defense, and the podcast hosts discuss which players should be on the radar this spring. In addition, they discuss who should be on the radar for the upcoming class. Davis’s past experiences with the Vols make it an entertaining listen, and it’s also easy to see why the program has been so popular.



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