Keys to Making Your PowerPoint Presentation a Success

Keys to Making Your PowerPoint Presentation a Success

Do you have to make the PowerPoint presentation of your university project? In this article, we tell you all about it. First of all, it is a program for creating presentations that have been greatly improved in recent years. Now you can be more creative and think about the audiovisual strategies that best suit your presentation. 

If you are making your PowerPoint presentation, you cannot miss the key tips we will give you in this post. However, if you need to prepare a speech, you can ask write my essay online by essayassistant to make your presentation even more accomplished.

PowerPoint tools

This is a program created by Microsoft to elaborate presentations in an original and personalized way. It is very easy to use since it presents an intuitive and accessible interface for those who do not specialize in this type of program. There is the possibility of editing and sharing the document and working with other people in real-time.

The tools offered by this program to create original presentations are the following:

  • Use of slides
  • Text outlining
  • Animation of text and images
  • Import images from your computer
  • Creation of templates or use of predesigned ones
  • Transition effects
  • Insert drawings and shapes
  • Insert links
  • Inclusion of videos and audios
  • Possibility to save the presentation in other formats
  • Use of 3D objects
  • Pencil input and conversion of handwritten notes into text
  • Different font types and sizes

Keep in mind the following aspects

As a presenter, you have to take into account several aspects. First of all, prepare your presentation with care and attention. To do this, you must be clear, and precise, leave no room for ambiguities and think about what you want to convey. Be effective with your words. When you have done this summary process, then start making your presentation.

Ask yourself: What is the main topic of my work? What are the main ideas? What information or concepts do I want people to retain? And finally: what data and keywords will help me to follow the thread of my speech? This last point is very important. Before presenting, you have to think about what information you cannot forget and, consequently, what memory aids you will put on your slides to remind you of it. Use this tool to your advantage.

A bad presentation bores the viewer, who will instantly stop paying attention. This situation will result in the demotivation of the speaker. Therefore, they will become bored and discouraged. Therefore, if you have to make a presentation and you are afraid of boring your audience, we will give you some practical tips for public speaking. Remember that the attitude you adopt when presenting says it all. What do we mean by attitude?

Tips for making your PowerPoint presentation

Pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Body language. If you have the possibility, move in the space, gesticulate, accompany your words with hand movements, look people in the eyes, and walk around the space approaching the listeners. If you are doing an online presentation, keep in mind the variables that can interfere such as the delayed arrival of the audio and image.
  1. Looking into the eyes is very important because it reveals the personal confidence of the speaker and what he or she is saying. In this way, listeners will feel more engaged.
  1. Verbal language. Of course, it is important what you say, but it is also elementary how you say it. A successful idea is accompanied by:
  1. Good diction: pronounce words clearly. Regulate the speed with which you speak. It is very common that, due to nervousness, students rush when speaking, which results in distracting the listener.
  1. The right intonation and the right volume. Place your voice at the right volume, and make sure that everyone hears you. Avoid being monotone, choose where to put the accent, and where to mark the intonation.
  1. Pauses. Leave moments in silence, this allows the information you transmit to decant. Do not be afraid of silences, they are necessary.
  1. Before the presentation, practice your speech. If you have the opportunity, read it to someone or record it yourself and then review what you could improve.

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The keys to your presentation

Now, let’s see what are the keys to making your PowerPoint presentation:

  • Your presentation and language should match the level of formality of the institution to which you are applying. Some universities are more formal than others. It depends, to a large extent, on the degree program. It also depends on the professor who teaches the subject. It is important to adapt to this to be neither too informal nor too formal. Be guided by other presentations and by the teacher’s lectures.
  • Templates. Choose them according to the topic you are going to explain. Ideally, choose a single type of background for the entire presentation. This way you can maintain uniformity. It is also advisable to choose minimalist templates.

More useful tips


You can choose the font type and size from several options. It is advisable to use a clear, simple, and rounded font. Use bold type only when you want to highlight a particular piece of information, do not abuse it. The same with underlining.


You can Google the complementary color palette to choose those that seem appropriate for your presentation. Seek to generate contrast between the letter and the background. You can use a typeface with a black border to increase the difference. Also, pay attention to the color of the templates.

Do not overload the slides with information

Write little text and the essentials. For that, you must choose the keywords well. Make a summary or draw up a synoptic table or an outline.

Do not rush to change slides

Think that, in many cases, people write down the information they are interested in. Also, as is obvious, you must coordinate your oral presentation with the information on the slide.

We hope that with the help of our tips you will create a successful presentation and you will get a high score.


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