What are the best majors to study business in Australia?

What are the best majors to study business in Australia?

Because of the loose undergraduate background requirements and wide employment opportunities, business has always been a popular choice for international students to study in Australia. In terms of accounting and finance alone, 10 schools in Australia have entered the world’s top 100, which shows that Australia’s business education is excellent. 

However, the growing number of international students studying business in Australia has also created a problem: the job market is also becoming more competitive. This means that if graduates want to get offers from high-paying companies such as investment banks, they must compete with hundreds of equally good classmates. Without a unique ability, graduates are unlikely to stand out. So, how can you master the skills the market needs? You need to choose the right major.

So, what major should I choose to study business in Australia?


Successful people always walk in front of others and can always grasp the pulse of the times. In the current financial world, what technology has particular potential?

Yes, mobile payments, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Even Silicon Valley companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google and other Silicon Valley companies are rushing for talents who understand this aspect, so they don’t have to worry about finding jobs in Australia.

Now, go to Macquarie University to study the Master of Banking and Finance (Financial Technology), and you can master the necessary skills in the above fields within 2 years.

It is understood that students in this major will explore emerging financial technologies and financial principles, and learn to use financial technology tools to solve problems encountered by the industry. The following are the core courses:

  • FinTechand Innovation
  • Financial Data Science
  • Payments, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
  • Digital Finance

The course integrates financial and computer knowledge. If you are interested in emerging concepts in the financial industry, don’t miss it.

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Information system management

Information Systems Management is an emerging branch of management.

Compared with traditional management majors, students who study this major will have stronger competitiveness in Internet companies and e-commerce companies.

The so-called “information system” is a system that provides support for organizational decision-making and organizational control through the collection, processing, storage and release of information.

Students majoring in information systems management can gradually grow into CIOs (Chief Information Officers) in enterprises.

The University of New South Wales opened a Master of Information Systems Management for those interested in this area, and was soon certified by the Australian Computer Society.

According to the official website, the core courses of this major mainly focus on enterprise information systems, e-commerce, information system risk management, and complex project management. Students can learn practical skills related to their majors and choose freely from 14 elective courses.

In this information age and big data age, people who understand information management are popular in various industries.

However, it should be noted that this major may require you to provide documents such as Resume, and may also have certain requirements for your work experience.

Financial engineering

Like financial technology, financial engineering is also an interdisciplinary subject, and students who study this major can also gain a considerable competitive advantage when applying for jobs in investment banks and other institutions.

Financial engineers refer to experts who use mathematical and process-based methods to analyze and create financial derivatives.

Students studying business schools in most Australian universities can choose professional courses related to financial engineering, or directly choose the professional direction of financial engineering.

However, this major requires students to have a solid foundation in advanced mathematics!

Since the employment competition for business students is relatively fierce, we need to work hard on the choice of majors.

Specialized disciplines such as wine business and emerging interdisciplinary disciplines such as financial technology are majors with very good employment prospects. Students do not need to be restricted by traditional concepts, so they miss a better path.

However, when choosing a major, it is a constant principle to start from your undergraduate background and interests.

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